Playing For a Cure

All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society

Playing For a Cure is a concert series I started in September of 2004 to honor my mom’s memory, as she passed away from cancer in 1994.  This year’s event features 7 bands (so far), and all of the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.  You can even order online from my store and specify that you want the profits to go to the American Cancer Society, so even if you aren’t in the Cincinnati area (and therefore can’t attend the concert), you can still support the ACS and enjoy my music or merch in the process.

By all proceeds, I mean that I’m not going to reimburse myself for marketing.  All of the bands are volunteering their time, and any of my merchandise or music sales above my costs will be donated.  For example, t-shirts costs me about $6 to get made.  If I have to ship them, that’s another $2 or so.  On a $15 sale, I’d donate $7 in that case.  For my music, if you download an album from my website for $5, my sales costs are PayPay fees of 45 cents, so I’d donate $4.55.  Just be sure to specify that you want proceeds to benefit the ACS.

For full event details, including the lineup, go here.

Bands: July For Kings (acoustic), The Perfect Children, Vampire Weekend at Bernie’s, Pharaoh Loosey, Mission Man, Lazy Ass Destroyer and Don’t Fear the Satellites.



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