One Week In Cincinnati


Hopeful. Balanced.  Sustainable happiness.  These are words and phrases I am using to describe how I feel after my first week living in Cincinnati.

Growing up in Oxford, Ohio, I was only about 45 minutes from most of the city, but I was limited in my knowledge.  My perspective of Cincy was based on my experiences there, which were mostly in the suburbs, Clifton and downtown.  It wasn’t until I started driving for Uber a little over a year ago that I really got to discover much of the city.  Getting a more complete picture of the city made me like it a lot more, and it helped me find where I wanted my first Cincinnati apartment to be.  I ultimately chose Mt. Lookout because it reminded me a lot of Oxford, with Mt. Lookout Square being somewhat similar to uptown Oxford, and being a very walkable neighborhood.

Even with moving, which took several trips from Oxford to Cincinnati Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and starting to setup my apartment, I was able to put in a 40 hour work week, and in those 40 hours earn enough income to support my humble lifestyle.  A few extra hours, and I can start paying off some of my good old college debt.

This means that I can truly have a flexible enough schedule to pursue music as much as I possibly can.  On Tuesday, I went to the open mic at Chameleon in Northside, and on most Tuesdays I’ll either be there, or at MOTR for their open mic.  This past Wednesday was the day where I moved most of my stuff from Oxford to Cincy, so I wasn’t able to go to the open mic at Backstage Cafe in Covington, KY, but I expect to do so most Wednesdays.

On Friday, I got my music studio setup!


I also was able to spend a lot of time with my best friend, and got into the gym on Sunday. All in all, it looks like I’ll be able to have a very balanced, happy life here, and it looks like I’ll be able to sustain my pursuit of music in ways I have not been able to before because of the flexibility of my schedule, and the multiple open mic nights I can use to grow my fan base in different neighborhoods.

See you around, Cincinnati!

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I am a conscientious hip-hop musician, and have been rapping since 1992. I started playing drums, bass, guitar, and keyboard, in addition to producing my own music, starting in 1998. For full details, see the official website at

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