2013 Tour to be the biggest of my life

So far this year, I’ve launched Music Fan Forever, had a documentary come out about me, and have turned my website into a video game reminiscent of old 8-bit RPGs.  I’ve also had a successful Kickstarter campaign which allowed me to get t-shirts made and will allow me to get 100 copies of M” pressed.

I’ve also returned to Chicago, and turned what was a negative into a positive.  I enjoy the city again, and am very happy to be where I am right now.

In short, it’s been an amazing 6 months!

Time to talk about 6 months from now….

But first, I will briefly mention that October is the 20 year anniversary of when I started rapping.  M” will be released then, and I’m going to try to book about 10 CD release parties in a 5 week period.

Then, in January, I will embark on the biggest tour of my life.  I’ve already started saving money towards the tour (about $350 right now), and hope to save $5,000 so I can quit my job and not have to worry about where money’s going to come from for a few months.  My birthday is January 19th, so it will be the first day of my tour.  From then until at least April, I will perform somewhere every night if possible.  Some performances will be open mikes and some will be full shows, but this will be my biggest tour ever.

There are 3 very real possibilities.

1.  The dream possibility.  I work hard, build momentum, have a lot of luck, and some incredible fans which allow me to actually make a living from my music, which I have been working towards for 20 years.  That turns into constant touring for as long as I can sustain it, and I live happily ever after.

2.  The part-time lifestyle.  I work hard, build momentum, have some luck and incredible fans which support me enough to generate extra income, and when I go back to work (wherever that may be) after several months of touring, I can work part-time and concentrate full-time on music.

3.  The change.  I work hard, build momentum, have some incredible fans, amazing experiences and no regrets.  I tour for 3-4 solid months, generating some sales, but not enough to make music profitable.  I run out of money, and I go the career route.  This will not be me giving up on music.  It will just be accepting that making a living from it is something I just cannot do.  I will still make music, but I won’t try to make a living from it any more.  

Obviously, I’m pulling strongly for number 1.  Number 2 would even be pretty dreamy.  I can handle The Change, though.  Music will still be important to me, and I’ll forever be grateful for where it’s taken me and the people I’ve met because of it.  

No matter what happens, I will put everything I have into doing what I love.  That’s why I’ve turned my website into a video game.  That’s why I’ve created Music Fan Forever.  That’s why I took the time tonight to setup my online store, where you can buy directly from me to know that a high percentage of what you spend is going to support my dreams.  Right now, I’m including the cost of shipping in all of my prices.  The only portion of what you spend that doesn’t go to me goes to pay for pressing more CDs and getting more t-shirts made, and 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction for PayPal fees.  

I believe people want to support artists and musicians.  Yes, we have hit an era where people have gotten used to getting music for free, but I also think more and more people are aware that it needs to change.  Kickstarter is working right now because people feel like they’re really contributing to an artist they care about, and they truly are.  I’ve been buying CDs lately myself, and from a consumer standpoint, I want to know that I’m supporting the artist (or even the record label that took a chance on them), instead of a company that’s exploiting the artists.  That was why I setup my online store, because I’m sure you feel the same way.  

Regardless of what the outcome is, thank you!

Love and respect,
Mission Man 


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