Playing For a Cure

Every September, I try to host a benefit concert, with all proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society.  This year I couldn’t get a show booked in time, so I have decided to modify the event.  I have released “Reintroduction” on Mavaru.  You can name your own price, including $0.00, to download my music.  All proceeds from the sales (after the processing fees) will benefit the ACS.  Go here to download the album. It has 12 songs, including “Chillin’ at the Papa,” “Playin’ a Little Basketball,” “Weightliftin’ Jam,” “Prime Time Players,” “Wanna Get Down,” and others.

I do all of this to honor the memory of my mother, who passed away from cancer in September, 1994. She was a truly amazing person, and my biggest role model. When she was in her 40s, she was going to school full time for her PhD, had 3 teaching jobs, and 4 kids. Even with this unbelievably demanding life, she was always just happy to see us. She really has inspired most of my life by passing on that combination of love and work ethic.


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